Dialogue Seminars

The Resilience and Development Programme (SwedBio)

The Resilience and Development programme at Stockholm Resilience Centre – SwedBio – is a knowledge interface working for resilient ecosystem management and governance through policy and methods development, facilitation of dialogues, contributions to strategic programmes in developing countries and learning from the international partners for later dissemination.

SwedBio's intention is to contribute to an improved dialogue culture in its field of work. An important aspect of SwedBio's work is the exchange of experiences and information between different actors and stakeholders, e.g. between grass-roots levels, science and policy and decision makers.
Over time, SwedBio has been building trust and positive relations with a broad range of stakeholders, and has become internationally known and recognised as a strategic and well-respected contact that can contribute to international policy and methods development.

More information about Swedbio can be found at www.stockholmresilience.org. Direct link to the Swedbio pages here.
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Dialogue Seminars

One of the strands of activities of Swedbio is to organize dialogue seminars on a wide range of topics related to biodiversity, development and sustainable livelihoods. These seminars seek to gather participants with different points of views to discuss challenging and often controversial issues in an open manner.