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Dialogue Workshop on Knowledge Systems, Panama 10-13 April 2012


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The International Dialogue Workshop “Knowledge for the 21st Century; Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Knowledge, Science and Connecting Diverse Knoweldge Systems was held 10 – 13 April in the Usdub Community,Comarca Guna Yala, Panama, just before the second session of the plenary meeting on IPBES, scheduled to 16 -21 April 2012 in Panama City.

The workshop is part of a longer dialogue process beginning with the Jokkmokk meeting in June 2011 on connection between diverse knowledge systems, with participants representing a diversity of knowledge systems; indigenous peoples and local communities, scientists, policymakers as well as governments.

The process started because of the demand for ways to mobilize diverse knowledge systems to benefit ecosystem assessments and knowledge generation such as under the IPBES. It is one step to create and support a dialogue on potential pitfalls and opportunities, as well as novel ideas for exchange between knowledge systems in an open process with a diversity of knowledge holders and interested stakeholders. The purpose is to inform IPBES, PECS, and other relevant initiatives for better exchange and cross-fertilization between knowledge systems in an equal, legitimate, and transparent way, in order to support more sustainable ecosystem stewardship globally.

Furthermore, we hope that the dialogue will benefit also other initiatives, such as cultural revitalization projects, as carried out by researchers, communities, NGOs, or any other actors.

NEW! Report form the Dialogue Workshop

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Download the report (6.6 MB) from the Dialogue Workshop! (other file sizes available on the report page)

This 52 page report provides a summary of the presentations and discussions that took place during the four days of intensive dialogue in the Guna Yala workshop. It also summarizes important points of relevance in the Ainal outcome of the IPBES Panama meeting, to follow up regarding connecting diverse knowledge systems under IPBES.

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